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Do Paintballs Stain?

Paintball Stains

Paintball Stains

As much as we love to play this game, sometimes it's difficult to get our playing gear clean. Certain paintballs stain easily and not cleaning your gear right away can increase the chances of stains. Most paint is water soluble, so cleaning it right away in a good quality washer should remove any traces of paint.

Washing the clothes as soon as possible reduces the chance that there will be stains. Leaving the clothes in a pile for a few days will probably cause the paint to dry and maybe set in. The sooner you get it in the wash, the better your chances of success.

Removing Paintball Stains From Clothing

Red, pink and white dyes are much more likely to stain. Cheap paintballs are also much more likely to stain. Some really cheap paint isn't water soluble and can ruin anything it touches. Green, yellow and blue dyes are less likely to stain and are typically used by better quality paintball manufacturer companies. FYI, most fields do not allow red paintballs because it looks too much like blood.

Wearing dark colors should help protect you from stains. Just be sure to know where all the paint is on the clothes so you don't transfer it to your car's interior or other non-paintball sacrificed clothing. If you're wearing a white t-shirt under your paintball jersey, the chances are it will get stained. Most pure white clothing won't survive a paintball attack.

Your washer quality can have a pretty strong bearing on getting your paintball soaked clothing clean. An older washer that doesn't deep clean or properly drain won't get the tough stuff out. Many of the newer washers have special settings for heavily soiled clothing, consult the user manual and wash accordingly.

If you've got something that you're especially worried about, pretreat it after it gets paint on it and wash it right away. Always inspect the clothing after it's washed and repeat the wash if needed before drying it. Once dried, it's probably permanent.

When a paint mark doesn't seem to wash out, elbow grease is usually the answer. Get the stain wet, work in a little laundry detergent, and start scrubbing!

Another thing to try is a Tide-To-Go stick, or some other trusted stain remover. Sometimes these specialty items can get out stains you couldn't get out other ways. Also, if you're trying to get it off a hard surface, try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Those things have saved me from sun dried stains on house siding.

For best results:
1. Don't use red, pink or white paintballs.
2. Wash your clothes as soon as possible.
3. Pretreat anything that looks like it might stain.
4. Elbow grease is your friend.
5. Check to see if the paint came out before drying the clothing.
Following these suggestions should help you prevent stains from paintballs.

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