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Types of Paintball Games You Can Play

Hold the Fort

Hold the Fort

When playing paintball there are many different types of game formats you can play. Probably the most common is elimination; where you eliminate all the players on the opposing team to win the match. Different types of flag capturing(or hanging) games are also very common. There are other types of games and variations on these commonly played varieties.

The total elimination paintball game is one of the easiest to understand that you can play at a local field or with your friends on private land. But you can add some interesting new rules to make it even more fun. We've played this elimination type game that included timed respawn rules. If you've been eliminated for more than a set amount of time, you can re-enter the game at a designated area. Or one player from each team can re-enter after a certain amount of time.

Some types of game can be chaotic and unnerving.

We've also played elimination where if a player got shot he would have to go back to the start area and re-enter the game. You could do this where everybody would be allowed to re-enter one time before being totally eliminated from the game. This type of paintball game usually allows people to be more daring before their first elimination, but then play more conservatively after their re-entry - or vice versa.

Flag hanging types of games. There are countless ways to make flag rules, from capturing the flag and returning to your base, capturing it and hanging it on their base, or capturing the flag and hanging onto it for a certain amount of time. There are also paintball games that include points given for the first team to capture the flag and then eliminate all of the opposing team. This would depend if you want to keep track of points or just start new at the end of every game.

All the above type of games include two teams fighting against each other. But the fun doesn't end there. You can create games that include multiple teams, teams that change during the game, or chaotic "on the fly" type rules.

  • Total Elimination
  • Capture the Flag
  • Zombies vs Vampires
  • Civil War
  • Hold the Fort

Zombies is one of the more often emulated paintball scenarios at some of the larger organized games we've played in. It includes a large team of "healthy" players, and a smaller team of "infected" players. As the healthy players get eliminated they become the infected. Soon, the infected outnumber the healthy and the power of the game changes. It could start out as 30% infected(Zombies) and 70% healthy; of course it would end when everyone is infected or all the infected get eliminated.

Zombies can also be played in a Zombies vs Vampires scenario. This would include an equal amount of players on two teams - one being the Zombies and the other team being the Vampires. Every time a player gets hit, he/she would trade teams by leaving the field and re-entering on the designated area for his/her new team. Zombies can infect the Vampires to convert them, and Vampires can infect the Zombies to get them on their side. We've seen games like this go on for a surprisingly long time with the power of the game changing hands several times.

Another fun game is often referred to as Hold the Fort. This one is called many different things but the object of the game is the same. A team of people occupy a well built fort that provides a lot of good cover and sniper positions, then a larger team of people try to assault the fort and in an attempt to overtake it with force. There are an almost endless amount of variables you can add to this game; from eliminated people having to join the other side, to a time variable where the people holding the fort get to respawn players after an amount of time.

Zombie Paintball Games

Zombie Paintball Games

Civil War is a game you may have heard of. It's a lot of fun if done right. Essentially you have two teams, each in a single line, standing in an open field about 20+ paces apart. Each player on each team gets a turn to fire a single paintball at the opposing team. The last team with players left standing wins. You are not allowed to move or duck when getting shot at. It might sound kind of stupid, but you would be surprised at how much fun it really is. Plus, it's a great exercise for all the snipers out there. You can add variables to this game too. Like increasing the distance and amount of shots or all players are allowed to fire their one shot at once or everyone takes a step forward after each shot. It can become quite chaotic and unnerving.

Other games we've played have been born out of sheer boredom. Like playing any of the above games but not allow anyone to have a hopper/loader on the field. So you essentially have to hand feed the paintballs into your gun. We've also done this where you were limited to 10 paintballs during the entire game. You could shoot them all at once or save them for a carefully placed sniper shots.

You can get a lot of other ideas from playing the games online in our Paintball Arcade. Most of them are shoot'em up type games but you can use them to theorize about how you and your friends can play.

Don't limit yourself to the rules of common games, get creative and make up your own. Just be certain to put safety first and keep it fair. If one side has an advantage, let both sides play the advantage so everyone has fun. Take the time to look at your surroundings and utilize every opportunity to make it fun.

If you have other great paintball game ideas or experiences you want to share about unique ways you've found to play this awesome sport, share it with us on our Wolfpack Facebook page.

Posted by Redwood on 02/10/2013

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