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RAP4 Paintball

RAP4 T68 M4 Sniper

RAP4 T68 M4 Sniper

RAP4 Paintball is well known by most hardcore milsim and scenario paintball players. They produce and sell some of the most respected true military replica type equipment in paintball. They successfully simulate the experience of real life weapons into the world of paintball by innovation and high manufacturing standards.

RAP4 got its start in 2002 when 4 partners came together and created a .43 caliber M4 clone that ejected an alloy casing every time a round was fired. The marker was the R.A.M. and is the first to be credited with a magazine fed paintball firing marker.

Real Action Paintball "As Real As It Gets"

Some of their more popular products include the T68 paintball marker, the Strikeforce vest, and countless modifications and upgrades to Tippmann and other brands of popular markers.

The T68 is one of the most loved magazine fed markers. It's also available in a hopper fed version, a split-fire version that can be quickly switched from hopper to magazine, and a magazine only version. It also comes in several different tactical configurations and air input options.

A5 Accessories

A5 Accessories

One of the things that makes the T68 such a loved magazine fed marker is the different choices available for magazines. A standard style 20 round magazine is pretty common, but there is also a 250 round box magazine that turns the gun into a hopper fed like marker.

The RAP4 vest, specifically the Strikeforce vest, is regarded by many as the best tactical vest available for paintball. There are an almost endless selection of pouches, holsters, and other options, including several built-in hydration pouches.

The modulaTechT Paintball Products who make very high end paintball upgrades including internal upgrades.r molle design of the vest create a totally customizable platform that can be quickly modified to fit the needs of each event or a change in playing style. RAP4 is continually updates molle pouches and add-ons to fit their new products.

Some of RAP4's more popular products for upgrading Tippmann and other markers include gas through stocks, body shrouds, and a functional magazine conversion kit. They also have a vast selection of tactical add-ons such as; fore grips, flashlights, stocks, carry handles, and bipods, to name a few.

RAP4 also caters to the law enforcement and military training equipment. Several of their products are specifically designed for force on force training. They also offer less than lethal products for active use. Some of the less than lethal projectiles include: chilli pepper balls, water filled balls, and plastic balls.

Many of the new RAP4 products can be seen on their YouTube channel:

Check out the full line of RAP4 products now.

Posted by Redwood on 03/12/2012

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