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Tippmann Multi Tool

Tippmann Multi-Tool

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Tippmann's new Multi Tool is sure to grace many a tool kit at the field. This handy little item is the Swiss army knife for a paintballer at any level. It's definitely a welcome site to the sport as its included gadgets are paintball based. The Tippmann name on it should inspire just about everyone to grab one of these.

Having every type of tool available at the field has been a concern for any serious paintball slinger. Now, instead of having several mismatched gizmos sliding around in your bag, you can have something with some sort of organization. This multi-tool will help keep your kit orderly and the key tools easy to find when you're in a hurry.

Tippmann's Multi-Tool is Great for any Serious Paintballer

Grabbing a hold of this tool makes anyone think of a Swiss army knife. It's got everything a baller would need in a tidy package:

  • Adjustable Jaw Wrench
  • 5 Allen Wrenches matched to Tippmann Marker needs
  • #2 Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Blade Screwdriver w/File and Bottle Opener
  • O-ring Pick
  • Knife

The Allen headed wrenches are the ones that always seem to evade us in our tool kit. You need a specific wrench, but you seem to be able to find all except the one you need. This tool keeps them all permanently attached to one tool that should be easy to find in your gear bag.

The 3/16 allen is great for your velocity adjustment, your Tippmann A5 or X7 Cyclone Feed System or to tighten the feed neck on your Tippmann Custom 98. The 1/8 size is probably the most commonly used for things like the marker's receiver bolts, bottom line adaptor bolts, etc. A 3/32 allen is included for bolting the firing valve to the air valve on a Phenom or a TPX pistol. A 5/64 allen works well for your grip panels to gain access to an e-trigger battery or electronics. Last, a 1/16 allen wrench lets you adjust set screws and site rail accessories.

We've definitely given Tippmann's Multi-Tool the thumbs up just on principle alone. Not having to fish around for every little tool makes our life easier, especially when your in a panic to make a quick repair between rounds, on field or before a big game starts. It's a reasonably priced item that is both convenient and very functional. It's a MUST HAVE!

Check out the Tippmann Multi Tool now.

Posted by Redwood on 07/28/2011

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