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GoG eNVy Paintball Marker

eNVy Paintball Marker

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The way GoG brought back a proven design with big improvements could change the way you play. Enter the GoG eNVy paintball marker. It's a familiar face with some much appreciated performance enhancing upgrades at a reasonable price. Thank you for that, GoG. Now, lets get this thing ripping!

What we LOVE most about the eNVy... A micro-switch 2-way adjustable double trigger on an affordable unit. That's beyond huge. Most markers at this level don't give you much of an efficient trigger pull. As a matter of fact, the pull is usually overly long and typically the limiting factor on the gun's rate of fire. The eNVy gives you the awesomeness of a micro switch and lets you set it up to your liking.

Micro-Switch 2-Way Adjustable Double Trigger

We also really like the design of this marker's vertical feed system. It helps your paintball loader feed the balls fast and jam free. The feed neck is a well design clamping system that will fit pretty much any hopper.

The electronics run on a simple single 9 volt battery. Oh, and here's another thing that is going to be loved by every paintballer out there, the gun's mode of fire can be switched from; semi-auto, to three shot burst, to full-auto(amongst other modes). Yeah, full-auto, Whoo Hoo!

eNVy Trigger

eNVy Trigger

This marker is rated at 11 balls per second, but don't let that fool you. With a bump up to the Blackheart electronics board, this thing can rip a sick rate of fire. It's the ultimate sleeper gun that can bring you some serious field credit when you lay a rope of fury on your opponents while they hide behind their bunkers like scared little chumps!

Although the eNVy will operate on CO2 or HPA, if you're planning on the Blackheart or cool weather play, you will want to focus on running HPA. Even though this little paintball slinging wonder comes equip with the Max-Flo R vertical regulator, it will struggle a bit at higher rates of fire on CO2. There are also some other optional internal air upgrades available for you to explore from GoG to help the system keep up with your new found extreme rate of fire.

GoG has other add-on improvements available to help boost this paintball gun and make it hail on the field when you're ready to start buying some upgrades. The Firebolt is a internal bolt upgrade that is half the weight of the stock bolt. It'll make the gun feel like it's kicking even less and allow you to keep your marker pointed steady on target.

The eNVy uses the tried and true Ion/Impulse barrel threads. You know just about every paintball barrel manufacturer makes all of their models available in this thread. That gives you an almost unlimited amount of choices; from sniper, to CQB, to speedballer. The stock barrel is a 10 inch micro-honed ported barrel that does a pretty good job. GoG also sells the Freak barrels, and the Tactical barrel separately.

eNVy Gun w/Case

eNVy Gun w/Case

Your money goes a long way here, not only by the gun's performance(and did we mention the adjustable micro-switch trigger), but also with the tough plastic foam lined carry case that the gun comes in. No more smashing your gun into a bag with all of your other junk to roll around against it. This case is really robust and has a double metal buckle set up with plenty of room inside for the barrel, barrel sock, allen keys and an o-ring kit. The gun itself is constructed mostly of aluminum and a durable composite material. The screws that hold the marker together are stainless steel and the silver color really offsets the black color of the gun nicely.

GoG included a service manual, but it's on a CD-ROM. We'd definitely recommend printing it out or putting it on a smart phone for use at the field. Not that this gun has complicated internals, but you don't want to get caught pulling this apart without access to the manual.

One of the things the eNVy manual will show you is the quick access to the rear dismantling bolt system that allows you to clean the breach and internal bore. The eNVy uses an elctro-pneumatic bolt system that, with the help of the Max-Flo, operates at an efficient low pressure and delivers anti-chop high rates of fire.

The rather good looking GoG eNVy paintball marker is one of our favorite guns available for the money. We think it's a real performer and would bet that you'll find yourself out-shooting any gun at this price range(and higher priced guns too!). We recommend this gun and hope you lay down some hurt with it!

Go for it! A double adjustable micro-switch trigger will seriously make this thing create a horrifying experience for anyone down-field!

Check out a GoG eNVy paintball gun now.

Posted by on 11/03/2011

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