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Spyder MRX First Impressions

Spyder MRX Gun

Spyder MRX Gun

We've got some ramblings from first impressions of Kingman's new magazine/loader dual feed MRX paintball gun. If you haven't read the original Gun Guide you can find it here: Kingman Spyder MRX.

If you haven't seen this marker yet it's Kingman's newest released milsim blowback marker. It's got a dual feed system that can be magazine or standard loader fed with the twist of the barrel. You can switch on the fly with no need for tools. The system activates when you turn the end of the barrel and it doesn't disturb the front grip or sight.

What we like and dislike about the MRX.

Below are some things we've written down after having conversations about our likes and dislikes of this new dual feed marker. We assembled it from snippets of conversation, so forgive us if it's a little scattered.

What do we really like about the new Kingman Spyder MRX?

1. The introduction of the dual feed system and magazine play at a lower price(sans cost of extra magazines) is exciting. I'm not saying they introduced the dual feed system, but go try to buy a new T68 at this price range(I know, completely different guns). Hopefully the MRX will open this style of play up to a much wider audience. People that never took limited ammo play seriously can now try it, essentially, risk free. If they don't like it, no problem, just put the hopper back on and you've got a great paintball gun. They can always revisit their interest if they find it becoming popular among their friends or if their local field holds a magazine only event.

MRX Loader Side View

MRX Loader Side View

2. Well, it's a Kingman product. You know they backup their craftsmanship, design and reputation. They offer their one year warranty on the MRX. Did you know that if you disassemble the gun and can't get it to work right on reassembly, they will fix it for you? Their warranty is one of the better ones in the industry and the Kingman tech support is usually really good. Although, I've emailed their sales department and had no return contact.

3. The Picatinny rails make this super customizable. Their placement of the rails is well done and should prove to be useful. You can add a rail to the top of the carry handle for mounting a scope, Reddot, or what ever type of site you prefer. The front mounted rail under the barrel shroud is the perfect place to mount your flashlight, laser or bipod and still leave room to mount a vertical grip. Well done Kingman, well done!

4. We like the included stock, it's adjustable and removable. The MRX uses the typical Kingman bottom-line air setup and I'm not sure about conversion kits for a gas-through stock. That would be huge though. I imagine true magazine only players would either run a super small tank or a 12 gram CO2 converter. Either way, for those of us who don't run a remote line, it would be nice to see some air options other than running a full size tank with a full size stock.

We suspect this paintball marker is built to compete with the Tippmann/US Army guns, like the Alpha Black. A lower priced recognizable military type gun with customization as a strong selling point.

Kingman is definitely getting some backlash from the paintball community for introducing another AR16/M4/M16 look-alike to the industry. Although, it's a void that they have yet to fill in their own offerings. The MR4 maybe similar, but not as hardcore in appearance to this cliche of milsim markers. There are definitely a few areas that they failed in this attempt though. See number 1 on my Turnoff list below.

MRX Magazine Well

MRX Magazine Well

1. The fake safety on the receiver is misleading and very cheap looking. If they were that concerned about it looking like a real AR15, they would have also added the distinctive gas cylinder on the right side.
2. Not First-Strike compatible. I don't think that adding this would have increased the price, but the benefits would have increased this markers appeal to a much larger group.
3. The loss of Spyder barrel threads. I understand why this barrel has to be unique, I just wish they would have found a way to make this work. It feels like this gun lost some of it's classic Spyder appeal because of the barrel compatibility issue.
4. The size of the magazine is very large and I don't know if I love the curve. Is this mag supposed to be reminiscent of an AK47? Only 10 rounds? Imagine carrying several spare magazines, even to carry 60-70 rounds(typical one 12gram CO2 capacity). It would be super bulky and you'd look like a tank. That's a lot of mass for just 10 rounds. Compare Tiburus or RAP4 mags, the Tiburus mags are a lot smaller, the RAP4 mags are large but carry 20 rounds. It would make a lot more sense if you only wanted to carry a couple of spare mags loaded with First Strike rounds for sniping.

Posted by Redwood on 11/27/11

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