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Best Paintball Gun Packages Under $250

We're always on the lookout for great paintball deals. We often evaluate some of the better paintball gun package deals for what we consider the best options. These three package deals are the best in their brand of what we have found for sale at affordable prices.

US Army Paintball Gun Package

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The US Army Project Salvo is a killer marker in it's price range with the ability to build it up as your budget permits. It shoots straight, quick and is very trouble free. Maintenance is a breeze and parts, including a huge selection of upgrades, are readily available at any major retailer.

This cheap paintball gun package includes everything you need to start playing. Except maybe a proper field and some friends to shoot at. The mask and tank are of decent quality for this price range and can be replaced when your playing style advances. The loader is very basic but really helps keep this package deal's price tag in check.(Under $250)

Also included are a selection of pods to haul your paintballs into battle on the tactical black harness with tank pouch, a battle squeegee for quick cleanings of your barrel, some paintball gun lube, and a bottle of mask anti-fog spray.

This Mega set definitely gets our nod for one of the best cheap paintball gun packages.

Check out the US Army Paintball Gun Package now.

Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun Package

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The proven Spyder 2012 Fenix is the hot ingredient in our favorite Kingman paintball package. The Fenix shoots well in all sorts of game play. You'll feel at home playing woodsball, speedball and everything between with this marker package.

The Fenix is one of those markers in the Spyder line up that doesn't get the credit it deserves. It's in a price break a little above their lower end markers, but not quite in their flagship price range. This marker is packed with phenomenal features for a marker with a $150 price tag.(Under $250 for the package deal) Throw in the mega set and it delivers even more value.

If you're a paintball player looking for a marker that fills the role of a speedball marker and can deliver ropes of paint in a woodsball setting, the Fenix will not disappoint. It's an electronic type marker with break beam eyes, an adjustable trigger, and Kingman's legendary EKO valve system. The air system barely sips air and can provide up to 1600 shots from a single 20oz CO2 tank!

Included in the package deal is a mask, 200 round hopper, pod harness with tank pouch and pods, squeegee, gun lube and anti-fog spray.

For an affordable electronic marker, this is the best paintball gun package deal we think you'll find in this price range.

Check out the Spyder Fenix Players Pack now.

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun Package

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Our third favorite paintball package includes one of the cornerstone guns in the sport. The Tippmann A5 populates almost any field where game play meets value. It's an affordable marker that can be modified and upgraded into a high tech assault rifle or a stealthy sniper rifle.

The Tippmann A5 introduced us to the magical Cyclone Feed System. It's a leap forward for affordable innovative technology in paintball. The Cyclone freed us from battery destroying loaders and the need to buy a high end feed system to keep up with our hungry trigger fingers.

This package also includes the standard issue Mega Package Deal with; mask, tank, squeegee, gun lube and anti-fog spray. You also get the harness w/tank pouch and an assortment of paintball pods to haul your .68 projectiles into battle. The A5 comes with its standard Tippmann issue 200 round hopper.

We included this in our list of paintball gun packages for sale because you can't go wrong with the classic Tippmann A5 as the main ingredient. This makes a great base package that can be build onto as your budget and interests develop with years of play.

Check out the Tippmann A5 Mega Package now.

Posted by Redwood on 03/04/2013