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Paintball Silencer

Paintball Gun Silencer

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How awesome does a Paintball Silencer make your marker look? Well, we think it really kicks things up a few notches. Adding a suppressor to the end of your barrel is an easy and affordable mod that can have a huge impact. It can be functional or just aesthetic, but it will definitely let everyone know that you are a milsim master with intent to do harm.

We aren't talking about a homemade paintball silencer, this is all about a well build true silencer for paintball guns. Certainly, there can be legal questions about use of these devices, so check with your local/state/federal laws or consult a legal professional(which we are definitely not) before heading out to the field or purchasing one of these bad boys.

A Paintball Suppressor can look good and add function

Paintball Silencer

Paintball Silencer

There are several choices when searching for the perfect fit for your paintball marker. RAP4 has many models that will fit just about any gun(especially their T68). Another of the better known paintball gun silencer manufacturers is Lapco. They have a couple different models; one with assault porting and a smooth shell appearing one.

Some of these paintball suppressors need a threaded barrel, others can be fixed to an ordinary barrel with a set-screw. Threaded barrels are pretty easy to come by for the more common paintball guns and you can probably find one that will fit exactly what you want. We've even seen people who were able to thread their existing metal barrel with a tap/dye set, but that may take some talent.

The new Empire Battle Tested Apex2 barrel is a great way to add a silencer paintball effect and add the ability to curve balls around your opponents bunkers. The newly redesigned tip has the usual benefits of shaping the path that the paintball takes down field with it's 9 position switch and has an added section for a strong silencer appearance. It's a definite winner in our book for serious looks and function.

Pistol Silencer

Pistol Silencer(Tippmann TPX)

RAP4's Tactical and Recon barrels are wonderful for customizing your gun with a silencer or muzzle break. The threaded end accepts their barrel end accessories and you can swap them out to fit what ever roll your gun needs to play at that time. From a paintball gun suppressor to a mock flash suppressor or a heavy gunner machine gun style end, RAP4 has them all with their specialty barrels available for almost any make or model of paintball marker.

So if you're ready to take your milsim gun to the next level, adding a paintball silencer will definitely get you there. As you can see, there are a couple of great reputable dealers where you can find a paintball marker silencer that will fit your application, both for looks and function. Take the step now and make your gun look like a serious scenario weapon.

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Posted by Redwood on 06/03/2011

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