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RAP4 T68 Lok-Bolt Anti-Chop System

T68 Lok-Bolt

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The RAP4 T68 is a realistic milsim paintball marker designed to provide scenario game players with a real life style weapon. It's available in a magazine and/or a hopper fed version with styling very similar to the M4 currently used by the military today. The robust build provides a reliable platform with opportunities for customization and milsim type upgrades.

T68 owners can now drastically reduce the chance of chopping paintballs with the Lok-Bolt Anti-Chop system for your magazine fed marker. It's RAP4's new drop-in system that helps keep your gun cleanly firing downrange without the need for pause to clean a mess out of your marker's chamber.

Stop Chopping Paintballs In Your T68's Chamber

RAP4 Lok-Bolt System

RAP4 Lok-Bolt Internal View

The purely mechanical breakthrough design needs no batteries or electronics. It's a drop-in chamber replacement kit with a RIS rail for the T68 paintball marker. Expect it to be available soon for the Tippmann, BT, and US Army Tacamo magazine conversion kits as a replacement side cover.

The Lok-Bolt Anti-Chop System works by preventing the T68's bolt from striking the paintball if it's not fully seated. When the paintball fully chambers it causes the Lok-Bolt's 'ram bar' to seat, opening the line of travel for the bolt. If the paintball doesn't fully load, the ram bar will stop the bolt and decock the marker. This system also activates when you run out of ammo and has an audible 'click' to let you know it's time to reload.

This system works with the standard RAP4 magazine and the Nautilus Drive ™ Box Magazine. The kit is compatible with generation 5, 6, and 7 magazine fed T68 markers only. RAP4 recommends the use of its anti-chop bolt to take full advantage of this system.

Keep your T68 and Tacamo equip marker consistently firing with the Lok-Bolt kit. It's the perfect upgrade for an already awesome paintball gun. Your competitors will hate you for it ;-)

Check out the RAP4 T68 Lok Bolt System now.

Posted by Redwood on 01/26/2012

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