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US Army Alpha Black Paintball Gun Guide

The M4 look alike US Army Alpha Black Paintball Gun is fast becoming a big hit for Tippmann. It's available in several configurations to fit just about any cost conscious budget. The marker is designed to be upgraded with an almost endless amount of milsim and sniper add-ons that can make this a serious scenario weapon and fit the ever changing needs of the maturing paintball player. The easy to maintain platform is designed around the internals from Tippmann's extremely successful 98 Custom marker.

Alpha Black Basic

US Army Alpha Black Basic

The Alpha Black Basic is a big step up from rental equipment and makes for a great entry level marker. Tippmann intended for this gun to be more affordable, yet very upgradeable when your budget permits.

Alpha Black Tactical

US Army Alpha Black Tactical

The Tactical model comes with an 11 inch barrel, a M4 style front grip with a matching front sight, and a collapsible stock. It's also available in an E-Trigger version that provides: semi-auto, 3 shot burst and full-auto rates of fire.

Alpha Black Camo

US Army Alpha Black Camo

The Alpha Black Camo version of this great gun is finished in the official US Army camouflage design. It's a good looking option for people serious about blending into their surroundings.

The difference between the Basic and the Tactical is that the Tactical version has the following upgrades added standard:

  • Adjustable(6 position) Butt Stock
  • 11inch Barrel vs an 8inch
  • A M4 style front Gun Stock
  • The Tactical is available in camouflage
  • An expanded front Sight

One of the more commonly asked question about the Alpha Black guns is, "Does it come with a hopper?" The answer is no, you have to purchase a hopper/loader separately. On a side note, the Alpha Black does have an available Cyclone Feed add-on kit, with hopper, that you can add when your interest or budget allows. It's extremely easy to install the kit and everything you need(less a flat blade screwdriver) is included.

The Alpha Black is a pretty simple marker to service. The internals are fairly basic and you can quickly familiarize yourself with them in a few careful disassembles for cleaning. We'd always recommend bringing the manual and schematic to the field with you(put them in a zip-loc baggy secure in your gear bag) and look them over as needed to refresh your memory on assembly/disassembly. If you have owned a Tippmann 98 Custom, the same internals are used. As a matter of fact, the Alpha is essentially the same marker as the 98 Custom it just has a different body and a great M4 appearance right out of the box. Note: not all 98 upgrades will work on the Alpha Black!

The Alpha Black is a Great Scenario Player's Gun

You may find that the Basic version without the e-grip is rarely available. That's OK because we would recommend the Tactical version to anyone. For just a few bucks more you get a much better equipped gun. The stock and barrel alone cost way more than the $20 price difference between the Basic and Tactical.

Electronic Trigger and Trigger Upgrades
The Alpha Black is a single finger trigger design. As of this date there are no double trigger conversion kits that we know of. The Tippmann 98 kits will not work with the Alpha's body design. The trigger guard is large enough to get in a finger while wearing typical paintball gloves, but bulky gloves will pose a limited problem when you need to quickly access the trigger.

With the stock(non-E-Trigger) trigger you are not going to sustain any serious high rates of fire. The trigger pull is too long and just isn't capable of real high rates like the electronic trigger. It should however keep you shooting at a decent enough rate to attack or defend in some of the most challenging situations. With the E-Trigger or E-Grip installed on the gun it seems to shoot pretty quick in semi-auto, or you can switch to 3-shot burst or full auto and lay down some serious fire. Not that it will shoot like a high end electronic marker(ego, Dye NT, ect), but it will sling some serious paintballs at your opponents. If you can't afford the E-Grip just yet, don't worry, it's always available as an add on. I'd definitely choose the Tactical(w/o E-Trigger) over the Basic with an E-Trigger, but that's me.

The US Army Alpha Black Paintball Gun by Tippmann is available in five different configurations:(note - all prices are suggested)

  1. Basic(w/o E-Trigger) $99
  2. Basic with E-Trigger $139
  3. Tactical(w/o E-Trigger) $129
  4. Tactical with E-Trigger $169
  5. Tactical(w/o E-Trigger) in Camo $149

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What's Next?

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Posted by Redwood on 1/27/2011