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Alpha Black Cyclone Feed

alpha black cyclone

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One of the most seriously looked at upgrades for the Alpha Black is the Cyclone feed system. It operates off of the markers used gases and never requires batteries. The Cyclone feed is not only an upgrade - but can, itself, be upgraded if you demand even more out of your marker as you continue to build it up.

Just like many of the Alpha Black paintball gun upgrades, this has the same part number as the Tippmann 98 Custom Cyclone feed add-on system and it works identical to one installed on the Model 98. The Whole assembly can be quickly swung out of the way to allow full access to your breach. That comes in super handy when you need to use a pull-through squeegee to clean out your barrel while in battle.

The Cyclone Feed for Alpha Black!

The upgrade package comes with everything you need, including the hopper for the feed system. There is an easy to access and remove screw on your Alpha Black that allows you to tap into the guns gas system to power the Cyclone Feed mechanics. All the air plumbing(lines,adaptors) you will need is included in the kit along with good instructions on how to assemble the new kit.

alpha black cyclone feed

Alpha Black Cyclone Feed

The actual Cyclone unit attaches the same way your current feedneck adaptor does - by hinging onto the Alpha Black's feed pin and latching in place. Installation couldn't be easier.

If you are running a scope, laser sight or Red Dot, you may want to get an offset hopper, or adaptor. Most scopes and magnified optics will look beyond a little sight line interference from the hopper. However, you want to make sure that you can mount the site without it touching the hopper shell or you risk loosing your sight alignment every time you bump the hopper shell.

People ask all the time, "Does the Tippmann Alpha Black come with a hopper?" The answer is no. Many people will throw a VL200 at it until they are able to save up some cash to add the Cyclone Feed System. But why spend $50-$100 bucks on a battery fed loader when the Cyclone is available, not to mention the awesomeness of it all.

After shooting with it for a while, you may want to trick out the feed system. There are Tac Caps and stackable Tac Caps that eliminate the large hopper. You lose the large capacity, but if you're more of a sniper or CQB player, then the Tac Cap maybe a better fit for your style of play.

squishy paddles

Squishy Paddles

Another great Cyclone upgrade is the Squishy Paddles. They help the feed mechanism prevent brittle paintball from breaking and can achieve a faster feed rate and help keep the gun a little more quiet.

There are plenty of other internal ups available if you get serious about getting the most out of your Alpha Black Cyclone Feed System. Lighter components can make the feed system more responsive and require less gas - especially if it's sharing gas with a reactive trigger.

This definitely goes down as one of our favorite upgrades for the Alpha and can really make a difference in your enjoyment of the game. It adds reliability to your paintball gun and is an affordable upgrade that will take your Tippmann marker to the next level.

Check out the Alpha Black Cyclone Feed.

Posted by Redwood on 04/22/2011

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