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Alpha Black Tacamo Magazine

Alpha Black Tacamo Magazine

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There is no doubt that the Alpha Black magazine is one of the biggest areas for improvement. As much as the storage space is appreciated, we'd probably all like to have a sturdy medal magazine with some styling options. A high cap looking mag or a mag that could double as a front grip. Either way, something better than the plastic piece that comes stock would be appreciated.

RAP4 and Tacamo have brought an option for the Tippmann Alpha Black owner. You can now convert your paintball gun to a magazine fed marker for a total military realistic feel. You can buy as many extra RAP4 20 round magazines as you want. You can even purchase their Box Magazine and have 250 rounds of force fed paintballs to shoot down field at your opponents. It helps eliminate the the big target of a hopper/loader from the top of your gun.

The Tacamo Alpha Black Magazine Feed Kit

Stock Alpha Black Magazine

Alpha Black Magazine

The Tacamo kit comes with new body shells that maintain your guns existing internals. The new body accepts the 20 round magazines and gives you the option of running a standard loader/hopper. It's made from a strong metal, not plastic, and is considered an investment in the life of your paintball gun.

Moving the feed system to a magazine also frees up space on top of your gun for more rail mounted tactical equipment, like a scope that doesn't have to look around a loader anymore. It adds a definite tactical advantage over a hopper.

Trying to compare this system to the Cyclone is kind of like apples to oranges, but both are options if looking for an improved feed system. What it would really boil down to is what level of realism you are looking for. The Cyclone is definitely a proven feed mod for the Alpha Black, but it's an even farther step away from staying true to a milsim gun. If you're interested in trying something a little more interesting, go for the Tacamo Magazine kit.

Switching out the magazines is as easy as grabbing a full one off your vest, releasing the empty, and jamming it in place. After a little practice it will become second nature and you won't even remember swapping it out during a fire fight. Having a couple of mags should sustain you at first with enough ammo to shoot your way through most battles. You'll be fairly conscious of how many rounds your going through, but time will allow you to get pretty good at it. Keep in mind you can always add that RAP4 Box Magazine.

This system really adds a missing element to complete the M4 look that the marker was intended for. Your friends may have a hard time recognizing it as a paintball gun. Imagine the possibilities of how realistic you could build your marker without the hopper? The Tacamo Magazine system is a full on recommendation by us and we think you will love it too.

Check out the Alpha Black Tacamo Magazine.

Posted by Redwood on 04/15/2011

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