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Tippmann X7 Low Profile Offset Hopper

Low Profile Offset Hopper

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What accessory could be more basic and useful? This is a no brain-er here. The Tippmann X7 Low Profile Offset Hopper does double duty by making your target signature smaller and clearing the top of your X7 paintball gun for a scope or site. It's an easy decision.

We've all either run into the problem of having our hopper/loader interfere with our sites, or had friends trying to deal with the situation. It's frustrating and one of the downfalls of paintball using top feed loaders. Moving the hopper to the side a little is a big help and can free up a ton of space to fit bulkier sites or other top rail accessories.

"This hopper fits all Cyclone Feed Systems"

 Low Profile Offset Hopper

Tippmann X7 Low Profile Offset Hopper

If you haven't been shot in the hopper yet, you'd better ask yourself why not. It's a common spot to get tagged, especially when coming around a bunker to shoot. Using a low profile hopper makes a big difference in your chances of it colliding with a paintball and eliminating you from the game.

What a lot of people don't think about is how the Tippmann X7 Low Profile Offset Hopper can help make your gun less recognisable for your enemies. Every little bit helps and reducing your visible target can add a fraction of a second onto your opponents reaction time.

This hopper fits all Cyclone Feed Systems. So, if you have an A-5, 98, or any of the 98 clones with a Cyclone, you're in luck!

Check out the Tippmann X7 Low Profile Offset Hopper.

Posted by Redwood on 09/16/2011

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