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Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader

Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader

Prophecy Z2(w/Free Shipping)

Empire recently released their new Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader. It's a high end tournament type 200 round loader that can feed even the brittlest paint into the quickest shooting markers. It's new ultra-soft feed paddle design is said to be gentle and very quick.

The folks at Empire took the best of what's available on the market and packed it into the smallest profile force fed loader that's easy to use and easy to service. It can be disassembled and reassembled with no tools and no headaches. The shell has guide pins so you can quickly line things up on reassembly.

"The Prophecy Z2 is 3 ounces lighter
than the standard Prophecy"

The Prophecy Z2 loader is 3 ounces lighter than the standard Prophecy model and Empire claims it is the most consistent and reliable loader on the market. The simple on/off operation, durable one piece feedneck system and self unjamming electronic system makes it super easy to use.

Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader

Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader

The new rubber membrane around the back plate switch and buttons keeps paint from seeping into the electronics and frying your happiness. The Z2's back plate also includes forward and reverse buttons and a new built-in rip-drive system.

With a sound activated force feed system, the Z2 works it all together with infrared sensors that prevent any kind of jamming and is RF(radio frequency) upgradable.

The loader opening is larger than other loaders on the market. This makes for easy loading when your eyes are down-field and less spilled paintballs. There are speed feed lids coming available for the Empire Z2. And, there are rumored to be other upgrades available soon too.

The Prophecy Z2 is a strong and good looking loader that will keep up with any player in any style of play.

Check out the Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader now.

Posted by Redwood on 09/29/2011

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