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Kingman Spyder Loaders and Hoppers

Kingman Spyder Fasta Loader 18 Volt

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Kingman has been making paintball guns and accessories for many years. Most of their products are very affordable and readily available. They made it through the tough years of paintball when other large companies were closing their doors. Countless used Kingman Spyder items can be found on eBay holding their value and moving quickly. Why not invest in a loader or hopper from this loved company?

With the release of the Fasta loader series, Kingman managed to put themselves on the map and gave their loyal followers an option for a force fed paintball feeding system. Although they offer 3 versions of the Fasta, they still have gravity fed hoppers(.68 and .50 calibers) that are definitely a strong choice for someone on a tight budget, anyone who likes to play with basic equipment or for players that need a back up hopper.

"Kingman Fasta loaders come in a 9 volt or 18 volt option"

Kingman Loader Fasta LED

Kingman Loader Fasta LED

The Kingman Fasta loaders come in a 9 volt or 18 volt option. The LED is the less expensive option that comes in both voltages. The LCD is their full featured model that lets players set a game timer and have access to the remaining battery life. The 9 volt feeds up to 15 paintballs per second, and the 18 volt is said to push up to 30 balls per second into your marker.

The 9 volt LED, at 15 balls per second, is quick enough to satisfy the feed need of most players out there. As a matter of fact a 9 volt Kingman LCD Fasta on a high end electronic gun during normal play rarely ever seems like it's slowing things down. The anti-jam technology and smooth feed makes the loader feel faster and remain consistent for snap shooting bursts and long ropes of shooting.

The gravity feed hoppers do their job well too. The standard .68 caliber 200 round Kingman hopper is very affordable and is available in black or clear. Many people swear by the clear because it lets you closely monitor the level of paintballs so you can reload as needed. A similar hopper is available for .50 caliber and holds 350 rounds.

Spyder Loader

Spyder Loader

Kingman Spyder also makes a force fed loader for .50 caliber. It feeds 20bps and uses a single 9 volt battery. .50 caliber paintball isn't that popular but lot's of people who've tried it seem to love it. And, it's considerably less expensive.

If you shoot a Spyder paintball gun, then it makes sense to use a Kingman Loader. They're making loaders to fit what ever budget or playing style you have. Choosing what works for you is easy and you know you're going to get a strong and reliable product.

The Fasta Loaders also work well on your Tippmann or any other make of paintball gun. We've seen the Fasta and gravity feed loaders on many different markers. It's proof of their dependability.

Check out the Kingman Spyder Loaders and Hoppers now.

Posted by Redwood on 10/10/2011

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