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Proto Primo Loader

The fastest gravity feed loader in the sport is affordable and reliable. The Proto Primo loader means you never have to worry about dead batteries on the field or the need to haul spares in your gear kit.

Proto designed the Primo loader to redefine gravity fed play. The spacer above the feedneck keeps weight off the paintballs as they filter down to the feed tube. This allows the balls to quickly sort with no jamming.

proto primo loader

This is the most popular loader used by serious paintballers on a budget. It's a cheap option that gets you up and playing without having to spend a lot of money on a battery eating motorized loader.

The Primo is also a great option for the paintball sniper who wants to remain quiet. There is nothing worse than a motorized loader giving away your position as it re-tensions the ball stack. The Primo is totally silent so you can stalk your prey and strike like a true sniper.

This is a .68 caliber loader that will fit just about any paintball marker running a standard style feedneck. It's a medium profile which means it will provide some space for your rail mounted sights and accessories, but not stick up so high that it becomes a big target for your opponents.

Even if you have a motorized loader, or another gravity feed loader, this is a great option for a backup loader. It has no electronics to fail. You install it on your feedneck and go play paintball!!

The Proto Primo Paintball Loader is highly recommended by Team Wolfpack.

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Posted by Redwood on 07/25/2013(updated 11/17/2014)