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Tippmann SSL-200 Paintball Loader

SSL-200 Loader

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Tippmann has been making popular paintball markers for most of the years that paintball has been around. It's almost impossible to go to a paintball field now days and not be able to spot several Tippmann markers. Their popularity is growing and their impact is increasing in this demanding recreational activity that we all love to play.

With so many choices in equipment to use with your gun, Tippmann has created a loader that will match your specific markers needs. Enter the light weight SSL-200 paintball loader. It's a sleek efficient loader that will give you reliability without breaking the bank.

The SSL-200 Is An Affordable High Speed Loader

The SSL-200 is a 200 round capacity loader that feeds 15 balls per second. It's built with a low profile design to keep you out of sight and out of trouble. The sleek curved shell helps prevent paint from breaking and safely deflects many game ending would be hits.

The wide mouth spring loaded lid makes for fast, on the run, reloading and prevents you from ever having to worry about losing your expensive paintballs. Aftermarket speed-feed kits are available, but we think you'll enjoy the fit of the lid that comes with the Tippmann loader.

Tippmann SSL-200

Tippmann SSL-200

Tippmann's cherry on top is in the form of the electronic Bend sensor technology that runs the loader and detects any color of paint. The sensor helps maintain stealth and battery life by operating the agitator only when the marker is fired. It's a more quiet playing experience to help reduce your noise profile when stalking or playing sniper. It keeps your marker well fed by preventing the loader's ramp/ball stack from jamming.

There is an LED for easy visual on/off status that includes a low battery warning system. It operates on a single 9 volt battery that will last you through a lot of game play.

If you're searching for an affordable paintball loader to match up with your Tippmann or other brand of marker, the SSL-200 maybe the one for you. It would go great on any 98 custom, or other non-cyclone feed Tippmann, US Army, or BT marker. It also works well on Spyder markers and others that demand a consistent high feed rate in the 15 balls per second range.

Check out the Tippmann SSL-200 Paintball Loader now.

Posted by Redwood on 01/16/2012

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