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Valken V-Max Loader

Camo V-Max Loader

Cheapest Price w/Free Shipping: V-Max

Valken recently released the V-Max Loader. It's a high end system that feeds 30+ balls per second and is proving to be a big hit with all who try it.

Although, Valken claims 30+ balls per second(bps), many people are saying they are getting closer to 20bps. That's not a bad thing, as a matter of fact, the consistency of the V-Max seems a little better than the Rotor. When you're shooting 20+bps, another 10bps isn't going to get you anywhere useful. And with all major tournaments capping rate of fire(usually 12.5bps), consistency is much more important.

"Capable of 30+bps with an upgraded
motor and electronics, yet to be released"

Valken says the 30+ is capable with upgraded motors and electronics yet to be released. That will give you something to build on if you're interested in bumping up the loaders performance in the future.

The V-Max disassembles easily for cleaning and inspection. All the major components can be remove without tools. The shell splits in half so you can wipe it out if you encounter broken paint. The batteries(two 9v) can be replaced without tools, optionally, you can install a screw on the battery door to keep it more secure if you're an aggressive player.

The V-Max weighs in at just under a pound with batteries installed. That makes it lighter than most of its competitors, and when you're a front or snake player that can make a big difference.

Black Valken V-Max Loader

Black Valken V-Max Loader

The poly shell has a 220 ball capacity and speed feed lids are now available for you fast paced speedball players. The shell's design is low profile enough to keep you out of trouble and the V-Max's stance on your paintball marker will allow you to come around a bunker without the loader being too large of a target. Great news for us snap-shooters.

This paintball loader is said to be easier on brittle paintballs than most other loaders in it's class. The ball stack isn't loaded with as much pressure and it's function is attributed to the agitator's efficient ability to sort and send balls.

We like the V-Max and would recommend it to anyone looking to spend a little more for a loader. It's available in basic black or in several camo patterns and colors to match your playing gear. The cheapest V-Max loader sells for around $120(or slightly less) with free shipping.

Check out the Valken V-Max Loader now.

Posted by Redwood on 08/29/2011

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