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CORE White Box 1st Quality Paintballs

Paintball is an expensive sport. If you're a regular player buying paintballs every week can quickly become overwhelming. Shopping for a good deal often ends in "seconds" or typical white box cases of paint that could ruin your day. Cheap paintballs tend to break in your hopper long before you even get a chance to shoot them.

Core White Box Paintballs Case Core Paintballs Cheap Paintballs

CORE helps paintballers bridge the gap between quality and price. Their White Box paintballs are definitely a step above discounted, old, or heat damaged paint that most other manufacturers offer as "white box".

See what actual customers have to say about these paintballs:

Nate - "These paintballs are AMAZING for the price. they are absolutely the best you can get for [$]. I've been playing paintball for a long time and i bought these paintballs not really thinking that they were that good of quality but omg they are there great and I've played with them in a skirmish."

Chris - "I could not believe this deal when I saw it. I was honestly a little nervous about the quality of the paint for that price. Once I received the paint, all of my concerns went away! It shoots almost identically to the high quality $60 paint I usually buy. I am going back and buying 10 more cases for that price! This is NO joke!!!"

If you're a player on a budget consider trying CORE White Box paintballs.

Check Price and Availability: CORE White Box 1st Quality Paintballs

Posted by Redwood on 07/18/2014(updated 11/17/2014)