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Empire Ultra Tank

Empire Ultra Tank

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Who wants to carry a heavy gun/tank combo? Me neither. Thanks to Empire for the new Ultra Light carbon fiber tank system. It's one of the smallest and lightest tanks available for paintball today.

Empire's Reactor 4 regulator has proven to be the smoothest flowing systems available. It's a great match to any high speed tournament marker that demands ultra fast recharge times and consistency between shots.

The regulator is home to a dual burst disk system for industry standard safety. A low profile stainless steal fill nipple prevents your jersey from snagging during intense game play. It also uses a micro gauge for you to check pressure levels at a quick glance.

The tank is fully serviceable and comes with a standard 5 year hydro date. The carbon fiber tank is tough enough to take the riggers of paintball battles.

These tanks are affordable for any serious player running HPA that wants to step up to a modern regulator on the smallest carbon fiber tank per ci(56ci & 72ci sizes available). It's a sleek air system that will keep you shooting for years to come.

Check out a Empire Ultra Tank now.

Posted by Redwood on 02/14/2012

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