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Oklahoma D-Day Scenario Event

D-Day Adventure Park
June 11-17, 2012
Wyandotte, OK

Oklahoma D-Day Scenario

Oklahoma D-Day is a huge scenario event that relives battles the US and allied forces encountered during WWII. The week long event is filled with historic action as organized missions are carried out on the 800 acre paintball facility. Join in with 4000 other paintballers to determine if the Allied forces can still show their domination over the German forces.

This scenario has a long history of its own, starting in 1997 with 135 paintballers. The very next year it more than doubled in size with 335 players participating in the mayhem. Every year it has grown in size and developed in story depth. The field obstacles and props get bigger and more involved with the missions.

See for yourself the history of this scenario event on YouTube:

What should you expect if you attend? Milsim game play that includes real military tanks, beach landings on improvised crafts, and army transports. Mini-scenarios, speedball, sniper training and a lot of specially designed missions to provide a truly unique experience. There will also be paintball vendors there selling guns and gear. Prize giveaways and food available at the D-Day Cafe.

This year's event starts Monday June 11th and runs through Sunday June 17th at the D-Day Adventure Park in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Camping and RV space(w/hookups) is available on the 60 acre campground or local lodging is available nearby. Entry fees are $80 per player. Thousands of dollars in prizes will be given throughout the event.

See the D-Day scenario event website for details:
Or contact them directly:
D-Day Adventure Park
66800 East 175 Road
Wyandotte, OK 74370
Phone: 918-666-3411
Fax: 918-666-8784

For direction and a map of the field:

Posted by Redwood on 05/10/2012

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