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Operation End War "The 11th Hour"

July 27th-28th, 2012
Battlefront Paintball Field
Hubbard, Ohio

Operation End War 2012

This year's Operation End War will be played at Battlefront Paintball Field in the Hubbard Ohio area. Battlefront is the site of an abandoned gun powder factory that met an explosive demise 60 years ago. The destroyed urbanized terrain and surrounding buildings are the perfect place for a large scale scenario event.

This is the largest magazine fed only scenario event of the year. But don't bring your hopper, mag fed only paintball markers(pistols and full size markers) are allowed in this huge milsim game. If you don't own a mag fed gun, RAP4 has a special event rental package available for pre-reservation. The paintball gun package includes a MKV marker with 3 magazines, mag pouches, tactical belt, and HPA tank. After the event, if you fall in love with the MKV, you have the option to apply the rental fee to the purchase of the marker package.

If you're serious about magazine only play, this is the event of 2012 that you need to attend. A huge turnout of serious milsim teams are expected to be there.

Directions to Field:

Posted by Redwood on 06/01/2012

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