V-Force Grill Replacement Lens

The VForce Grill is another step forward in goggle technology.

We've been waiting for replacement lenses from Vforce for a while now. They said they would be coming out after the Huntington Beach NPPL Tournament in late March. Well, they finally made it. The clear lens are available and the different shades and colors will follow. VForce wouldn't give a time line for optional tints and color releases. Seems there is a high enough demand for it now though.

The V-Force Grill Goggle System is another awesome addition to the paintball industry. The light weight design of this mask is a tribute to Vforces obvious ability to listen to players and respond to our demands. When the Profiler Goggle can out we were blown away, but they out did themselves again with the Grill. The new mask can be spotted all over the fields this season at tournaments and scenario games a like.

Most players I've spoken too are looking for optional colors at this time and a back-up clear lens to keep on hand. At the time of writing this only the clear and smoke lenses are available but, Vforce claims more options are on the way. Different colors and tints will follow as time goes on. They wouldn't comment on a time line for optional lens releases.

The Common replacement options for the Profiler Goggle series are; Amber, Smoke, Chromatic, Blue Chrome, Gold Chrome, Silver Mirror and some close versions of those. Different retailers labels them as different colors. It's unknown what if all these options will be available for the Grill Mask.

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