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Smart Parts Paintball Gun Upgrades

ION Gun Upgrades

ION Paintball Gun

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The Smart Parts ION is a great gun for the money. It was definitely a favorite and gave a big bang for the buck. People like to upgrade the ION with body kits and some light internals.

Shocker Gun Upgrades

Shocker Paintball Gun

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The Shocker truly became a legend on the paintball field tournament scene. This gun is light weight and ripped a sick amount of paintball. There are many Shocker Upgrades available.

Impulse Gun Upgrades

Impulse Paintball Gun

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The Smart Parts Impulse was one of the first tournament paintball guns that any of us owned. This gun shoots fast and is very upgradable. The Impulse is very much a favorite.

SP-8 Gun Upgrades

SP-8 Paintball Gun

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Smart Parts made the SP-8 for the scenario scene and quickly gain a hardcore following. The SP-8 has a true milsim appearance and can be upgraded to shoot faster and more accurate.

Epiphany/Nerve Gun Upgrades

Epiphany Paintball Gun

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This gun didn't have a long time to circulate, but it's a favorite for many players that like a fast tournament marker. It's a seriously good looking sleek gun and can benefit from upgrades.