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10 Tips for Getting Paintball Sponsorships

  • 1. Don't net talk.
  • 2. Loose your ego.
  • 3. Provide value.
  • 4. Work for it.
  • 5. Be realistic.
  • 6. Build relationships.
  • 7. Give back more than you get.
  • 8. Increase your impact.
  • 9. Present yourself as a business.
  • 10. Respect yourselves and others.

1. Net talk
You all know what this is about. It's the way most middle and high school kids talk/text to each other. This may have its place when socializing among your peers, but has negative effects when asking for a sponsorship. When writing a potential sponsor speak/write like a professional. Net talk = Zero sponsorships, seriously.

2. Loose your ego
You are not the best team, you are not the best player ~ get over it. Don't tell people that you are the best player in your area, it just makes you look stupid. Don't spend a second whining why you're better than someone else. Instead, learn from other people's and your mistakes. View other players as a potential resource for working together to reach goals. Learn how to loose without acting like a complete whinny moron! Stop acting like a child who thinks he got ripped off just because it didn't go your way!

3. Provide Value
Why would someone sponsor you? Cause like ud put their name on ur jersey and stuff? This is one of the biggest hurdles to getting your sponsorship. No one wants to write you a check because you are "you". No one wants to sponsor you because you think they should. Build value into your team so you have something to offer. Why would they write you a check vs. someone else?

4. Work for it
Spend time everyday to accomplish something. Give up other things to provide time to work towards a paintball sponsorship. Set goals for building a team resume, maintaining contacts and team resources. Work on them everyday, get to know them and be passionate about it.

5. Be realistic
Set realistic goals for your practice schedule, tournaments and sponsorship expectations. If you are new and only have a partial team, don't expect anything beyond a "Ma Pa" type sponsorship. When you get a disciplined team with several years of tournament experience, then you can raise your expectations.

6. Build relationships
Don't ever be afraid to introduce yourself. Remember peoples names and learn who they are. Never burn bridges, even when they don't seem like bridges. Good relationships will take you further than paintball skills! Learn about different companies and field owners, get to know them and maintain a relationship by continuing contact. Send an email saying you were glad to see them at X event and you bought X product of theirs.

7. Give back more than you get
So you have a sponsorship and now it's time to provide that value back? Go crazy and do 10 times what they expect. Word will travel and more sponsors will come knocking. Be inventive and show them that they made the right choice. Document what you're doing and let your sponsors know. Post it on your website so others can see how much you give back.

8. Increase your impact
Always look for ways to expand your teams' impact in the sport and in your local community. Your local community is a huge opportunity waiting for you to dive right in. are a TON of local charities and good causes for you to help out as a team. What an incredible way for your team to get publicity. Help out, volunteer, get involved, raise money for a cause, adopt a section of the highway, what ever ~ DO IT!!

9. Present yourselves as a business
By acting professional you will be taken a lot more serious. Discipline and a clean cut appearance will get you further than running your mouth about your skills. Take the time to look at who and what you are. See how a business would present themselves to a customer or investors and model yourselves after that image.

10. Respect yourselves and others
Too often I see people who have no respect for themselves, let alone those around them. Realize you are not the only person in the world and others have desires and concerns too. By addressing these first, you may in fact find yourself in a position to be more respected because you actually earned it. Sponsors will notice this and you maybe well on your way to earn their respect too.

In conclusion, I admit that this list was somewhat built as a rant after years of receiving sponsorship requests. Some of the requests are so ridiculous that I don't know if I should feel sorry for them or be upset that so little thought and effort was put into it. I know in most cases, these people don't understand the value of money or what work is. I can only hope that eventually they will start to see the opportunities that this world can provide for them if they want it bad enough. Enjoy...

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Posted by Redwood 06/29/09(Updated 05/06/2012)