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Aluminum 20oz CO2 Tank w/Pin Valve

One of the most common paintball air tanks in the woods is the aluminum 20oz CO2 tank with pin valve. It will deliver about 1200 shots from a single fill and is a very affordable alternative to an expensive carbon fiber HPA tank. 20oz CO2 tanks have dropped in price over the last couple of years and commonly sell for under $15.

9 and 12 once bottles can leave you out of air on the field. The 24 once bottle tends to be a bit bulky and heavy. Guns that use the mini 12 gram style CO2, aren't able to use a standard paintball tank with out some sort of adapter.

The 20oz CO2 tank seems to be the most popular size

The tanks come in several sizes, but with paintball guns increased rate of fire, the aluminum 20oz CO2 tank with pin valve has become the most popular size. Other common sizes include:

  • 12 gram about 50 shots
  • 9oz about 400 shots
  • 12oz about 600 shots
  • 20oz about 1200 shots
  • 24oz about 1500 shots

As with any gun using CO2, an expansion chamber is recommended to help convert the contents in the 20oz CO2 tank from liquid to gas. Not all guns run well on CO2, some prefer compressed air(HPA) or Nitrogen. Some fields don't have HPA or Nitrogen available, but almost every paintball field can afford to fill CO2 with rented equipment and a fill station.

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Posted by Redwood