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3a Paintball

The below statements are totally in my opinion based on my experiences.

I purchased a 88/4500 tank from 3A for what I thought was a good deal. When I received the tank it had a large deep scratch on the regulator. The first time I filled it, the glass on the gauge popped off and leaked. I purchased a new gauge and installed it. After using it for one tournament the fill nipple was leaking, I purchased a new fill nipple and installed it. Two tournaments later the regulator was leaking out a small hole in the side, I don't know what the hole was there for.

The entire time I was filling and using this tank, I was also using a Crossfire tank that was being filled in the same manner from the same compressor and had no problems. I figured it was just a bad run of luck with this tank and got rid of it.

I thought I'd give 3A paintball another chance, so I bought a 3A paintball scuba fill station. Guess what, it showed up badly scratched. The first time I used it the glass on the gauge blew off and the gauge leaked! I tried to contact 3A but got no answer. I left several messages with return information but never got a return. In frustration I threw the fill station away!

Your experiences maybe different then mine. If you are going to purchase an item from them, I would recommend studying their return and service practices. It may also be a good idea to communicate with them on the phone before a purchase.

I encourage you to further educate yourself by searching for '3a paintball' and reading some of the opinions on the returning websites.

Posted by Redwood Redwood 12/23/06