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Tippmann A5 Gun Kits

Save yourself a boat load of cash by purchasing a balanced prebuilt A5 gun kit. Many of these come with Tippmann factory parts pre-assembled. It's one thing to slowly build a paintball gun but, seeing a purpose built pre-assembled gun can get anyones juices flowing.

A5 Sniper Rifles

With so many options becoming available its hard to choose. Sniper rifles, Assault kits, CQB guns with short paintball barrels, scenario ready desruction devices and fear inducing machine guns like the Heavy Gunner are fast becoming a sweet deal for any serious paintballer.

With the A5 having so many factory and aftermarket add-ons available, the purpose building is endless. Paintball barrels, stocks, sights, air mods and dress up kits are just a few of the items that make each of these kits unique. You'll be sure to stand out walking onto the field with a detailed A5 loaded with sniper mods or a full on Assult kit.

As versatile as the A5 is you can use it to plink one shot at a time for sniping purposes or unload buckets of paint like a sick freak mad as heck! The reactive trigger or "E" trigger options are a great way to have a gun switch from one shot one kill to raining paint like a fire hose. The amount of mercy you give is at the control of your finger tips.

The distance provided by the Flatline barrel may seem an obvious choice for some yet others will prefer the accuracy of the longer 20 inch sniper barrels. Luckily, the A5 has an almost endless amount of barrels available to add-on. There is even a barrel that can curve balls in a controlled manner to shoot around bunkers.

Let your imagination run wild and save yourself some cash by purchasing one of these prebuilt Tippmann A5 gun kits.

Posted by Redwood 7/27/07

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