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HotClickZ Sponsors Team Wolfpack


Wolfpack Paintball Team has signed a three year sponsorship agreement with shopping website. The sponsorship will extend through the 2010 paintball season and give Wolfpack funding to run local paintball skills and safety training clinics. The contract will also include some equipment and apparel contributions.

Paintball Sponsorship Agreement

"We are excited to have Hotclickz as a sponsor and hope to increase our success as a team with their help. Running clinics and teaching safety to newer players will be a great benefit to our local paintball scene. You should see us at scenario and tournament events in our new Hotclickz inspired jerseys soon," said Chad Petrinovich of Wolfpack.

The three year deal was acknowledged by Hotclickz representative Sarah Quintanilla, "We recognized Wolfpack as a positive force in paintball and we are happy to sponsor them. Their participation nationally and locally offers them an opportunity to impact the sport in a unique way. We look forward to working with them over the next few years."

Wolfpack Paintball Team( was formed in 2002 and based out of the Appleton, Wisconsin area. Wolfpack teams compete at different levels of paintball in tournament, scenario and recreational games. They have successfully ran several safety clinics in past years to help younger players learn how to play paintball safely.

Hotclickz( is an online shopping website that offers visitors with discount electronics, coupon codes and general merchandise categories.

Posted by Redwood on 10/03/07