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Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun Upgrades

The Tippmann X7 is fast becoming the ultimate scenario paintball gun due to its almost unlimited selection of milsim upgrades. Tippmann has really done it this time by adding another great customizable gun to their already strong woodsball/scenario line up. Wolfpack's favorite X7 upgrade is the paintball marker carbine stock, it really ads a functional advantage in tune with the look and feel of a scenario weapon.

One of the most sought after options in a scenario gun is the ability to create a personal milsim weapon. The X7 now has very diverse unique options to create everything from an urban assault pounder, a sniper rifle from hell, or even a multi purpose Mad Max frightening pain inducing terror weapon.

tippmann x7 upgrades

The Tippmann Flatline paintball barrel recently made itself available to the X7, an upgrade rivaled by few. Many people argue its accuracy but have to recognize its functional purpose. The flatline barrel on the X7 not only looks cool but adds an element that raises it above non Tippmann scenario markers on the marked today.

Of course the gun is available in several forms as a standard trigger, response gas trigger or the ever popular Tippmann E-Grip trigger system. The also famous Cyclone feed system is standard equipment and a very nice bonus. It keeps a guy from not only having to turn his hopper on and off but saves big money in batteries. I know I've fed Halo hoppers hundreds of dollars in batteries over the years. A low profile hopper is even available to slide in the stock hoppers location.

The Tippmann X7 Scenario Paintball Gun

Specific Tippmann X7 Upgrades/Mods
The magazine well is a key piece of equipment when designating what real life gun your modeling your X7 after. The mag options we've seen so far are; M16, AK47, MP5, X-G36 or a short assault mag. The MP5 mag is available in a straight or curved version.

The M16 or assault carrying handle can add function and a raised sight rail to the gun. There is even a M16 vertical handle for the foregrip area to add some comfort when dishing out pain in a shoot from the hip type assault.

Front sights are available to match your milsim look. The AK47 tip or the M16 front sight, although similar in appearance, are unique to their original gun style. These front sights work well with the carry handle if your using open sights. Many of the well upgraded X7 guns I've seen have a scope mounted on a side rail and the raised sights unobstructed for quick aim and shoot situations.

Like the Flatline, there are several other modified paintball barrels to complete the milsim look. Mock type silencers in a long or short version add a real police/military look. Of course the M16, AK47 or MP5 style foregrip can add a bang to your X7 paintball guns front end to.

One of the most popular upgrades is the guns stock. Tippmann has gone all out here and made some functional improvements as well. Many of the add-on stocks come with a gas through design to eliminate the bottom line. That's great news for snipers as it's more easy to lay prone and get a true flat comfortable shooting position for those one shot one kill missions. The stocks for the X7 are a standard M16 collapsible, a fixed MP5 look alike or a folding stock modeled after the X-G36.

No matter how you look at the X7, it's a world a head in the milsim market. The A5 does well too but the future is looking good for the X7. With such a strong selection of upgrades and more coming, it's second to none.

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Posted by Redwood on 04/03/07