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NOTE: The Bader Brigades is no long in operation.

Badger Brigades Paintball Website

"The BadgerBrigades Mission Statement"
The BadgerBrigades are a network of Teams and Individuals who play scenario/woodsball style paintball and reside in the State of Wisconsin or play primarily at fields within the state. It is our express purpose to build and support the sport of woodsball within our state and to represent our state at similar events in other locations.

The Paintball Players Club

As such, we have banded together to facilitate communication, foster personal and team growth, and to encourage woodsball play of the highest caliber.

We actively discourage cheating and poor sportsmanship. We do encourage spirited, but friendly competition between the teams as well as mentoring younger players in the skills of our sport and in representing themselves and their respective teams in a professional manner.

The BadgerBrigades encourages its Teams and Members to participate in and support charitable causes. We proudly support the Huntington's Disease Society of America's annual "Hunt For The Cure" charity game.

Each member team is also actively committed to helping those who would start a new woodsball team to get the ball rolling with solid, real world experience and advice. We actively help individuals who are looking for a team in their area to find one.

We actively promote membership in the SpecialOps Brigade and participation in its forums, as well as membership in our own branch of the Brigade and participation in our own forums and events.

Whenever possible, BadgerBrigades teams get together to build comaraderie through cookouts, camping trips and, of course, playing paintball together. When two or more BadgerBrigades teams are attending a "Big" game together, they always play on the same side and often operate as a single unit for that event. BadgerBrigades members are truely a "Band of Brothers and Sisters" who seek the well being of each others' teams and help each other out whenever possible.

It is our belief that by building close bonds between players and teams, encouraging honor, integrity and sportsmanship, and pushing each other to be the best we can be, that the sport of woodsball in Wisconsin will grow and thrive for the benefit of all players in our state and region.

The BadgerBrigades started in 2007 and is allready 17 teams strong (with members all over the state of WI) with hopes of more growth this year.

Benefits and Requirements of Joining The BadgerBrigades

Brigade Requirements
1. Commit to playing with honesty, integrity, and respect. (No Cheating!)
2. Help promote the BadgerBrigades grow by recruiting new teams and players.
3. Allowing the president of the BB to set-up a promotional booth when applicable at a member team's game/event.
4. Be active in reading and posting in The Badger Den Forum.
(Having open lines of communication is crucial to the continuing success of this network.)
5. Attend at least one BadgerBrigades event a year. And if possiable (not required) host one BadgerBrigades game/get-together at your home field.

Benefits of Joining
1. Free e-mail account for all members.
2. Free Web-page for teams.
3. Access to The Badger Den Forum where you can find out the latest happenings in scenario/woodsball for the state of WI, along with meeting other players and growing your team.
4. Having your team, field, and or Event/Game advertised for Free.
5. Having the advantage of multiple teams all together when attending an away game.
6. Build comaraderie and friendships with like minded people across the state of WI.

Other Benefits
1. Help with your teams logo and/or promotional material. Including Patches/T-shirts.
2. Help and or/Advice with how to put on a Team Food Fundraiser at your Game.

Everyon is Invited to Join the Brigade!

Please take the time to visit our website, and then e-mail me or sign-up on our forum if you are interested in becoming a part of our Network.

Please take the time to visit our friends at the Badger Brigades!

Posted by Redwood on 02/01/08