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**NOTE: The Paintball Uprising website is no longer available.**

Paintball Uprising/Force of Nature

Paintball Press Release:

Force of Nature is no longer the paintball site it once was, all the content and users have been moved to a new site.

Paintball News Website or is that new site. We are working hard to make PBup the best source for current paintball news from around the world. We are also going back to our roots some and will be covering more events in 2008.

The name change was done mid December and most of the old FoN trappings have been cleaned up and we are starting to work on some of these new features for the site:

Converting all our old videos to Flash and making them easier to play from the site. Creating an area for news submissions with assistance with sending up press releases. More hosted forums for teams and our supporters. A new users section to help users take advantage of all the features found on PBup. A more help area for site supporters explaining web stats and helping to create advertising for there products. Very fair rates for our ads space.

As before the forum is our most active part, with a great bunch of users that some times talking about paintball. So stop by and take a look at the site and make us the first place you come to look for news and maybe if you like us move yourself over to our forums.

Paintball Uprising Staff

Posted by Redwood on 01/23/2008