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Peoples paintball sponsorship expectations

Every week I get half written scribbles of gibberish from paintball players asking for "stuff", guns and money. My attempt to figure out what is going through their minds is baffling. Peoples paintball sponsorship expectations are out of line! I applaud them for speaking out, trying to ask for something and(above all) making a new contact. Yet they put such little effort and thought into their action it almost makes me feel sick.

"we r rilly gud and nvr been beat wer ply ar first torment soon can u giv us new guns and unfoorms and pa entres well weer ur jurzys and stuff wer frum (no where near where I am) and my litl broter s plain wit us 2 plz plz plz sent stuf 2 us plz" Are these our future paintball players?

Know how to approach a potential paintball sponsor

I have built many resources on our website to help in the search for paintball sponsorships. I have written several articles and created a list of available sponsorships that I've found around the internet. I have referenced valid team resumes to model a new one after. Yet, I still get inquiries asking me which one will just send them guns and money or if I can make them a resume and submit it.

Build your value on your own. It's easier to build a team resume if you actually have a team and play tournaments. No one in the paintball industry owes you anything. If you can't instantly start playing in big PSP events and you think it's because nobody gave you guns and "stuff", you may never play in a tournament. Take the first steps on your own by forming a team and getting equipment. Work with your team to set and reach realistic goals. Work a job and get money to buy your own equipment and pay your own entry fees. Build the team and have accomplishments to offer before asking for help.

Making and keeping new contacts is a great way to get your team's name visible. Send a thank you note to a company whose products helped you win or place well in a tournament. Don't start the relationship by asking for anything. Tell them you appreciate their brand and you will continue to buy their equipment. Include a link to your team's website. Hopefully, they will bookmark it and become interested in what your team is accomplishing.

Having a team website to send them to is a way to keep them hooked. Keep your website content updated. Link to fields you play at and talk about the things you like about each field. List the upcoming tournaments you are planning on playing in. Keep an active online journal of your formed practices at fields and what teams you got to practice with. Have a few members write an occasional article about what makes them passionate about paintball. Help your visitors to get an idea of why your special.

Renew your contact with these people by letting them know how they are impacting your life in a positive way. Keep speaking out, reach out to any paintball related person that impacts your life. Just keep your contact simple and don't ask for things. As an example: after a good day of playing at your local field, send them a short thank you note from your team listing one or two highlights of the day. Imagine the impact that could have.

Keep your team's attitude positive and many of these contacts will come back to help you out. Don't expect anything to happen by writing poorly worded blobs asking for "stuff". Take your time and build value as you build contacts around the sport. Your expectations of finding a paintball sponsor will be changed and realistic.

Posted by Redwood on 04/21/08

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