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98 Custom Double Trigger

98 custom double trigger

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The perfect upgrade for people with big sausage fingers! The 98 Custom Double Trigger will accommodate the plumpest of filangies! Of course, I'm just joking around. The 98 Custom Double Trigger conversion kit is best used for paintball players that like to wear gloves and have more control over their gun/trigger.

Having the option to use two fingers on your trigger provides you with the ability to lay down more shots off the break or when your hands are feeling fatigue from a longer day of play. Increasing your rate of fire can be a big momentum changer in competitive games.

Controlled Rate of Fire with the 98 Custom Double Trigger

The 98 Custom double trigger conversion kit helps make your gun look like a serious marker able to fight off the toughest competitors. Any hardcore paintballer knows a two finger trigger gives a definite advantage. The bigger trigger guard provides room for the bulk of gloves or a quick reach to the trigger when under fire.

The Tippmann 98 and 98 Custom are some of the most established guns in paintball today. This quick upgrade is easy and cost effective for you. The 98 Custom double trigger kit comes with everything needed for installation. It's a basic upgrade that will show its' benefit immediately.

Check out a 98 Custom Double Trigger now.

Posted by Redwood