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Whether you're looking for a paintball app to play while sitting in a waiting room or to use during real-life gameplay, you can take your pick from a seemingly endless array of options. It seems like new paintball apps debut every day, but how useful or fun are they? That all depends on what you're looking for and on the quality of the apps themselves. By understanding the types of paintball apps that are available, you'll have an easier time pinpointing the ones that are right for you.

Android Apps Market

Augmented Reality Paintball Games

On Google Play and the App Store, augmented reality paintball games tend to be the most popular paintball apps. These types of games, which include Paintball by Mambo Studios, allow you to square off against friends using a smartphone or tablet. Specifying your enemies is as simple as telling the game what color shirts they are wearing. When you're hit, your screen may flash and/or your device may vibrate. By creating a profile, you can usually accrue coins or points that can be used to purchase enhanced guns and other accessories. Many of these games can also be played offline as first-person shooters.
Reality Paintball Apps

First-Person Shooter Paintball Games

Some would argue that these paintball apps are no different than other first-person shooters. However they often include cool paintball-related touches like real-life paintball arenas and courses, paintball marker builders and designers, 3-D modes and much more. A variety of gameplay modes is usually available too, so you can take your pick from options like story mode, quick-play mode and firing speed mode. These games can often be played with friends over Wi-Fi, or they can be played offline, which is convenient when you are in a place without reliable service.
First-Person Shooter Apps

GPS-Enabled Paintball Game Apps

It should come as no surprise that there are paintball apps that are designed to be used while playing paintball in real life. These apps take advantage of tablets' and smartphones' GPS capabilities to allow you to keep track of your teammates in real time. You can password-protect your maps to ensure that others can't sneak around and see what you're doing. Some of the most popular apps, like Paintball Helper, allow you to add notes in real time, so you can quickly scrawl messages and directions to your teammates. In addition to using this app during live gameplay, you can use it to discuss techniques with your teammates and to set up players' initial positions. Most of these paintball apps have nice sharing features that can be used to post maps and other information on social media or via email.
GPS-Enabled Paintball Apps

Paintball Tips and Strategies Apps

As an avid paintball player, you probably avail yourself of the many great paintball tips and strategies websites that are out there. While you're out in remote locations playing paintball, though, you may be unable to connect to such resources. This is where paintball tips and strategies apps come in handy. Some of the best apps even allow you to bookmark your favorite tips and techniques for easy retrieval later.
Paintball Tips and Strategies Apps

Paintball Marker Manual Apps

Nothing is worse than being out and about and not having the marker manual you need. Lugging along a bunch of manuals isn't practical, either. Thanks to apps like Marker Help Paintball, you don't have to. These kinds of apps include the manuals for hundreds of different markers and paintball guns. When you need to tear down or repair your marker, you can quickly pull up the manual that you need to check out exploded views and other vital information. Many of these apps thoughtfully allow you to download a limited number of manuals for offline retrieval later. They are typically saved as PDFs, so you will need a PDF app to open them. This type of app is a must-have for any serious paintball player.
Paintball Marker Manual Apps

Paintball Simulation and Training Apps

As nice as it would be, it's not possible to be out playing paintball around the clock. If you're serious about wanting to hone your skills, paintball simulation and training apps are excellent alternatives. Training apps like BPS Graphing let you increase your endurance and keep track of how many balls you can fire per second. It's amazing how quickly you can improve by using these types of apps. Leader boards and social media sharing let you see how you compare to your friends and to players around the country and world.
Simulation and Training Apps

Paintball Locator Apps

Whether you need to find paintball supplies or are looking for a nearby place to play a little paintball, a paintball locator app should fill the bill nicely. These apps use your mobile device's built-in GPS capabilities to quickly and easily show you the closest options. Paintball locator apps are also great ways to find new places to play paintball.
Paintball Locator Apps

Paintball Gun Builder Apps

There are some truly incredible paintball gun builder apps out there for Android and iOS. 3-D Paintball Gun Builder is an excellent example. You can use it to customize and create high-end paintball guns, and it allows you to get down to nitty-gritty details. You can then test fire your gun in a 3-D first-person paintball zone.
Paintball Gun Builder Apps

Paintball Publication Apps

If you have a favorite paintball magazine or other type of publication, there's probably an app for it. You can often set up subscriptions for such publications, and they are then automatically downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. You can even purchase back copies of popular paintball publications and catch up while you are stuck on the train or otherwise looking for something to pass the time.
Paintball Publication Apps

Now that you have a feel for the most popular types of paintball apps, browse the section to learn more about specific ones. Paintball Apps

Written by Meaghan. Posted by Redwood on 08/29/2013