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BFG Paintball Field

Note: This field has closed.

Wisconsin's BFG Indoor paintball Field
Wisconsin's largest Indoor Paintball Field. Almost 60,000 square feet with a huge proshop, two tournament fields and a unique lounge/viewing area. They have a 'Live View' webcam that can be accessed over the Internet via their website. Team practices are run every Tuesday night from 6pm-9pm for $15.00 per person. BFG regularly hosts tournaments including young guns events at an affordable price. The field is regularly pressure washed and a Zamboni cleans the floor. With airball fields for the tournament players and a wooden town/village for scenario players the field is available for private groups or open play nights. 5,000psi air fills, players reward club.

Wisconsin Paintball Field

Tournament events for 2007 and 2008:

  • November 18th 2007 3-Man Turkey Bowl
  • December 2nd 2007 5-Man Trophy Rumble
  • December 9th 2007 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • January 6th 2008 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • January 20th 2008 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • February 10th 2008 5-Man Novice
  • February 17th 2008 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • Mar 9th 2008 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • Mar 23rd 2008 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • April 6th 2008 5-Man Trophy Rumble
  • May 11th 2008 5-Man Trophy Rumble
  • June 22th 2008 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • July 13th 2008 5-Man Trophy Rumble
  • August 3rd 2008 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • October 5th 2008 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • October 19th 2008 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • November 16th 2008 3-Man Turkey Bowl
  • December 7th 2008 5-Man Trophy Rumble
  • December 14th 2008 3-Man Trophy Rumble
  • See the BFG website for details...
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BFG Paintball Field
N113 W18750 Carnegie Dr.
Germantown, WI 53022

Posted by Redwood on 11/07/2007