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Brass Eagle T-Storm

brass eagle t-storm

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Boom! The Brass Eagle T-Storm hits the target for a super affordable entry level marker price. Brass Eagle graces us with a very attainable scenario looking semi-auto woodsballer dream come true. This tactile appearing paintball marker is effectively with in range of any paintball players budget! This little gem is a perfect way for new players to escape rental equipment and look like a serious player in the process.

The removable aluminum ported barrel on the Brass Eagle T-Storm has standard Spyder barrel threads. That means a huge amount of barrels are available to trick out this gun. 21" sniper barrels, J and J ultra accurate quiet barrels, and a lot more.

The Brass Eagle T-Storm is a tough scenario gun

A much welcomed two finger trigger and frame is included standard for extra clearance if you wear gloves. The front grip is very robust and makes for easy aiming. The off-set feed neck provides a clear line of site down the top site rail and built in gun sites.

The Brass Eagle T-Storm has a tough composite construction that makes it very light weight. The body can be quickly field stripped for cleaning with no tools. The top bolt pull pin makes for easy access for a quick cleaning of the bolt between rounds. The Brass Eagle T-Storm runs on CO2 or Comp Air(HPA, Nitro)

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Posted by Redwood

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