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BT Paintball TM7

bt paintball tm7

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There has been a scenario weapon that recently caught my attention due to all of the great reviews that have been posted about it. The new BT Paintball TM7 scenario gun. When it first came out I though it looked kind of silly and over priced. After reading about its capabilities and rugged design, I have to say that this paintball gun now looks like a winner. I have yet to shoot one, but count on it, I'll be draining a high capacity loader on top of one very soon.

The new BT Paintball TM7 Scenario Gun

This gun is built to perform like a speedball gun in a woodsball world. It delivers a sick amount of consistent and reliable fire power from your hands, down range onto your opponents. It has the ability to put forth a blistering shower of paintballs that will pound fear into your unsuspecting opponents hearts.

The BT Paintball TM7 is packed with features that you would normally have to add onto a milsim weapon. It comes with a built in collapsible stock to fit your playing needs and style, several Picatinny rails to mount all of your accessories and a great adjustable front grip to provide you with the control your looking for when jumping in to a bunker or popping out to quickly acquire a high priority target.

You will have total control over your fire power with the four position mode switch. At the flick of your finger you can dish out a full auto storm, a short burst of fire, standard semi auto shots to conserve paintballs, or the safety mode to keep from firing off a round while running. Additional modes include NPPL, PSP, NXL and Millennium operations to have the gun remain tournament legal.

Check out the BT Paintball TM7 now.

Posted by Redwood