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How to Build a Paintball Team Website

Every paintball team needs a website to brag about their wins and equipment. A website can help make contacts in your area and set up practices or tournaments. It's also a great place to attract other players to try out for your team. As many opportunities as a website can present, there are several no-no's to avoid that many people can't seem to understand. The Wolfpack Team website growing over the years have unveiled several do's and don'ts. We will list all of this advise below.

Present your Paintball Team as a Professional Organization

Finding a cheap affordable web host is an important part. Depending on your programming knowledge you may want to search for a host based on their website building tools. Several hosts have an excellent 'easy-builder' utility where you essentially drag and drop bits and text into an area you want them displayed. This type of design software is commonly referred to as 'wysiwyg' or 'what you see is what you get'. Most web hosts will have templates available for you to choose from and an example of what your finished site could look like. One web host you may want to try is Freewebs. Although their free site has a very invasive banner add on top, you can purchase a domain name from them and they will remove the banner.

Here are some of the do's:

Be sure to put at the top of every page your team name and what you are. A good example is the Wolfpack Team portion of the site, on the top of all the pages is clearly stated we are 'Wolfpack Paintball Team'. You immediately know we are a paintball team and we are Wolfpack.

At some point you have to include your location or where your main playing area is. List your city, state or main area. It could say 'Neenah, Wisconsin' like we do. If you have players from a larger area you could state, 'Central Wisconsin', I would then however give a home field. Central Wisconsin based out of Outdoor Adventures in Fremont, WI. How many field websites have you been to that don't list the state? Its very unprofessional and annoying. Let people know where your from.

Include basic contact information. Freewebs, for example, has a nifty contact form you can use. Make it a separate page that requests their name, email and a text entry area for a paragraph.

You should include a page dedicated to your team roster. Have everyone's first name only and what ever details you want to include. Be sure to hype up your equipment on this page. You may also want to list some thing about how each person contributes to their community. May sound cheesy but potential sponsors will eat it up.

Add a modest schedule of planned events. Don't over due it, just put down events and practices that you know for sure you can make happen. After the event is finished, write a short description of how it went and what the high-lights where. Mention the field name and any vendor or big sponsors that where there. It shows you not only payed attention but appreciated and respect them for being there.

Sit down as a team and write a short 'about us' section. It doesn't have to be a tear jerking beautiful story of surviving peril and oppression to stay together and win as a team. Just state basic info, what type of events you play, your goals, how you feel you impact the sport in your area, ect...

And the DON'Ts:

Do NOT put music on your website! Please for the sake of everyone else. Just because you think certain music is cool or it represents your team, not only do other people think it's really bad, but you will get sick of hearing it every time you goto your site. Just don't freakin' do it! No music!

Do not spam for sponsors. Most beginner websites have it plastered all over them, 'we need sponsors - we need free guns and uniforms and entry fees and money and cars and blah blah'. Don't ask at all for sponsors! I have built a page specifically to help get a paintball team sponsored. Go there when your ready and approach sponsorship that way. I promise you that your team will look like a bunch of noobs if you ask for 'free stuff' or 'we are looking for sponsors' on your site. Don't do it.

Don't post everyone's email address. You will more than likely pick up a boat load of spam to your email address. Use a contact form or use a JavaScript code to hide your address to Web Bots. Here is an example of how to hide your email address using JavaScript.

Don't start off building too many pages. The most difficult thing to come up with for a website is content. Build a few basic pages and populate them with good content before going crazy thinking your going to build a WarPig or PBNation. Be realistic and spend time recording team events and practices. Be sure to start having someone take action pictures.

Don't talk about how long its been since you updated. No one cares except you. Just keep adding fresh content when you get a chance. People will appreciate something new that helps describe who you are and what you've been up to vs. an apology for not posting anything recently. I've literally seen team websites where the last three or four updates where just there to say 'Sorry I haven't updated, check back soon'. NO!

Don't say we are the best team in this area or we can beat everyone we play. It's just too cheesy. Instead, ask people to scrimmage against you. This will build your reputation for you. I've gotten requests for sponsorship that stated, 'we are the best' and later went on to say, 'we haven't played a tournament yet'.

Do not, above all else, mess with copywrite laws. It's one thing to use a commonly found pic on the Internet, it's another thing to cut and paste someone's web design code into your website. Your site will get removed from any search engine and you'll get a call from your ISP. Learn from others and be creative on your own.

So here's a basic list of info to include:

  • Team name
  • Say that your a Paintball Team
  • Location, City and State
  • Contact form or encoded contact information
  • Team roster with first names only
  • A basic 'About Us' info area
  • A realistic schedule
  • Demonstrate respect and appreciation for the sport
  • No music, no sponsorship spam, no apologies

Good Luck - Have Fun!

Posted by Redwood on 01/30/07