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Camo Paintball Harness


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Strap it in and carry it into battle with a Camo Paintball Harness 4+1. An essential piece of equipment for any serious player is a good harness. Easy access to pods and a place to mount your remote air tank. The Camo Paintball Harness 4+1 is available in many designs, configurations and camouflage patterns. Don't get caught in the middle of a fire-fight without one! A quick pod to hopper reload is an armsreach away.

Durable and Affordable Camo Paintball Harness 4+1

Most configurations are a waist type Velcro belt mount with optional suspenders. Many manufacturers offer a Camo Paintball Harness 4+1 in an integrated tactical vest design. What ever design your looking for keep these key things in mind;

  • Adjustable: will it fit your body and playing style?
  • Pull style: are the pods oriented sideways or vertical, can you comfortably reach them?
  • Camo design: does it match your uniform?
  • Accessories: will this Camo Paintball Harness 4+1 fit all of your items?

The typical vest version of the Camo Paintball Harness 4+1 will have more than just spaces for a tank and pods, many of them will allow several accessory options that will allow you to add-on items as your needs grow. Although, usually the initial investment may be more, the long term options will pay off. The Gen-X paintball harness tactical vest is generally under $40 and will hold all of your necessary on field gear.

Camouflage patterns range from typical woodland camo, to elaborate digital urban and desert designs. You should be able to find a camo pattern that matches the rest of your gear. Tippmann and BT put out several different camouflage designs for the same style of Camo Paintball Harness 4+1.

Being prepared and having essential paintball equipment at a quick arms reach is the point of equipping your self with a Camo Paintball Harness 4+1. Don't be left on the field without one!

Check out the Camo Paintball Harness now.

Posted by Redwood