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Camo Paintball Mask

camo paintball mask

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Is your paintball mask giving you away? Your paintball mask is one of the most recognizable shapes that people use to help spot you on the field. Why not use every advantage possible to reduce its signature. A camo paintball mask and some Goggle Skins can make your huge pumpkin head disappear into the brush around you. This can help you to spot your opponents before they spot you.

Most of them are a thermal mask that will provide you with anti-fog capabilities. This is an important part of any mask. Having a fog problem during play will absolutely prevent you from being 100%. When your visibility goes away, your trapped and soon to be eliminated.

Reduce your target signature with a Camo Paintball Mask

There are many paintball companies that produce camo paintball masks, some of the more popular brands are:

  • JT
  • Dye
  • Empire
  • Proto

You may want to look for a brand that has a wider selection of accessories. Different shades of lenses can come in handy when you need to adapt to a bright or dark play situation. Having the option to install a cooling fan really helps if you are a player that sweats a lot. Replacement foam or padding can be helpful too if your playing on a hot day and want to quickly switch out sweaty foam between rounds.

A Camo Paintball Mask will help you fade into the background a lot easier and remain hidden.

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Posted by Redwood