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Carnivore Paintball Mask

carnivore paintball mask

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The JT QLS Carnivore mask system is an asset for any serious paintball player looking to step his game up a few notches. We all know that JT has been making some of the best masks in the sport for many years. Their new design masks are the next step in paintball safety performance. They are a reliable build with a full face protection and an extra wide range of view.

Carnivore's new QLS(QuickLoc Lens System) helps you clean your mask lens in an efficient manner between rounds. The QLS allows you to pop out your lens and wash it off without having to disassemble your entire mask or stumble around with a lens attached by multiple plastic tabs.

JT Masks are the next step in affordable high performance
paintball safety for the player who demands more

The Carnivore paintball mask really steps it up with a full 270 degree field of vision. That's something that very few mask systems can meet. If you have never owned a mask with that type of view, you are going to immediately appreciate seeing your opponents trying to flank you. It gives you a huge advantage on the paintball field for situational awareness.

carnivore mask

Carnivore Paintball Mask

Other great things you will enjoy about the Carnivore paintball mask is its optional chin strap that can really come in handy when running. It is adjustable and can be removed when not wanted. The standard head strap that holds your mask on can also be adjusted or changed to some fancy aftermarket design with skulls or toxic signs. The ear pieces are hinged and can be replaced or removed for cleaning. The Carnivore's visor can be removed and replaced to allow you to tailor the mask for playing conditions.

If you are looking for full head protection, JT has you covered there too. The Carnivore paintball mask is also available in a full head shield system too. Both mask designs give you full face and ear protection from paintballs flying in at 300 feet per second. It's a fairly light weight mask that hosts anti-fog protection in a good looking and affordable unit.

Don't forget it's a JT mask, so you will have some options when it comes to customizing it. There are also some options for lens tints. A tinted or yellow lens can really help to improve your game in lighting conditions that would otherwise make a clear lens an inefficient option.

Check Current Price: Carnivore Paintball Mask

Posted by Redwood on 04/14/2010

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