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Dangerous Power Paintball Gun

dangerous power g3 paintball gun

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These Dangerous Power Paintball Guns are seriously sick weapons of paintball destruction. The G3 is all about simplicity and lightness. At just under 2 lbs, it's an ultra light gun and the smallest on the market today. The easy to access minimal interior moving parts uses only 6 o-rings throughout the entire gun. The bolt can be quickly removed with the turn of one allen bolt.

The Dangerous Power G3 paintball gun series operates at 180-200psi for super efficient air use and ability to shoot brittle tournament paintballs. This marker provides a very balanced feel with little to no kick. The ability to ramp up and throw a rope of paintballs down field is unmatched in this price range.

The Cutting Edge Dangerous Power G3 Paintball Gun

The standard style 45 grip frame makes a lot of grips and accessories available. The barrel is auto cocker threads(wow)! Equipt with an ultra low rise patented clamping feed neck and a patented unique flip lever ASA(RAPS). Available are countless upgrades, from electronics(a programable board with 10 firing modes - including a reactive ramping mode) to triggers. 5 easy to set firing modes are available by adjusting the DIP switches. Firing modes include:

  • MILL(Ramp to 12bps max)
  • PSP-1(Ramp to 13bps max)
  • PSP-2(Ramp to 15bps max)
  • CFOA(15bps max)
  • NXL(Ramp to 15bps max)
  • NPPL(25bps max)

A very competitive paintball gun for the money. Dangerous paintball did a great job when they designed and built the G3 marker. Don't get caught without one!!

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Posted by Redwood

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