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Dye C8 Paintball Pants

dye c8 paintball pants

Everyone knows the popularity of the Dye C8 Paintball Pants. The new C9's are all the rage too. You can save yourself a lot of cash now by buying last years C8 pants. Most of the major online paintball stores have clearance on the C8's now. They are selling fast and may be gone soon. Paintball-Online is one of the better online paintball retailers to show you how much inventory they have remaining.

Dye C8 Paintball Pants - one of the Best Reviewed Pants

Dye always goes all out with their apparel and they are certainly considered to be high end. The C8 pants were designed by some of the best paintball players in the world. Dye has a large pool of sponsored paintball teams to choose players from for product input. With the help of these players in research, development and testing, they consistently produce reliable high performance products. This usually includes a high price tag! Now you can save some serious green and get these high performance trousers at a reducded cost.

What are the Dye C8 Paintball Pants all about? They are one of the first to offer a harness stability reinforced area to keep your pack from floating around. The have an extensive amount of focus and adding stretchy material in key spots to give you a full range of flexible movement throughout the pants. Increased venting with a light weight comfortable feel. The Dye C8 pants also include nylon reinforced padding in the knees and hips for keeping you protected during those dramatic bunker slides. The durability and performance make these paintball pants worth every dollar!

Dye C8 Paintball Pants