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Dye Pro i3 Paintball Mask

Note: The i3 mask may no longer be available new. Please see the current Dye Paintball Masks.

Dye Pro i3 Paintball Mask

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The Dye Pro i3 Paintball Mask is designed for the most extreme playing conditions. Its smaller design is not only 20% lighter than previous versions of the i3 mask, but it has a smaller profile to keep you in the game longer. Its popularity has given it several replacement lens options for any lighting or look. The Dye game timer is another useful add-on available for this mask.

Efficiently keeping the lens clear and your head cool is one of the major benefits of the new i3 paintball mask. It's multi-directional venting and "Cool-Max" soft ear pieces increase air flow and protection, saving you from fatigue.

The Dye Pro i3 has a multi-directional ventilation design

The ultra flexible molded rubber helps bounce the balls instead of letting them break during mask impacts. Even the mask's strap is made from woven molded rubber to increase life span. The softness of the lens frame has been increased providing you with a more comfortable feel for longer games.

The low profile mask visor can be adjusted vertically to provide a varying amount of sunlight and forehead protection, or the visor may be completely removed. Additionally, there is a chin strap included with the mask and may be worn to help secure the mask, keeping it safely in place during running or extreme play.

Improvents to the mouth area directional outlets help communication during fasted paced games when communicating with other team members is critical.

The Dye Pro i3 Paintball Mask is the best of designs for comfort and protection. It's price reasonably and is available in colors to suit any paintball player.

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