Dye Rotor Paintball Loader

The new Dye Rotor paintball loader/hopper feeds at an amazing 50+ balls per second and is available in many colors - from camo green for woodsballers, to crazy pink and leopard for the speedballer who wants to make a statement. This paintball loader is completely serviceable using no tools and tips the scale at just over one pound. The 200 round hopper shell has a spring loaded floor to help push the last paintballs back the the feed paddles and keep the paintballs feeding when shooting at elevated targets. There is an available high capacity upper replacement shell that increases the Dye Rotor to a 250 round 'back-mans' loader.

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Color Kits and Speed/Quick Feed Lid Systems

Feel the need to change the Dye Rotor Paintball Loaders colors? No need to go out and buy a new one. Dye has made color kits available for this loader. For under $30 you can change the color to red, green, camo, olive, blue, hot pink, lime green or a crazy leopard pattern. The Rotor color kits include the top panel with friction lid, side jewels and matching color Dye logo badges. The kits snaps in and out for a fast change. More colors are threatening to be released and people are using multiple kits to create wild color combinations for their Dye Rotor Loader.

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Other companies are trying to compete by producing their own super charged paintball loaders. With the Dye Rotor feeding at over 50 balls per second, thats going to be a hard task. Empire recently released their new Prophecy Paintball Loader that shoves over 40 balls per sec into your gun. At this rate they are going to be eliminating the need for a paintball gun and we can just run out onto the field with our loaders pointed down field. Imagine stepping up to the chronograph to make sure your loader feeds at under 300 feet per second? You could screw your barrel right onto the feed neck.

Also available for the Dye Rotor paintball loader are several speed feed lids. These come in every color under the sun and are a great addition for the tournament or scenario hardcore player. A typical speed feed lid cost $30 and replaces your stock friction lid.

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quickfeed-red   quickfeed-wht

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Some great features of the Dye Rotor include; a positive push power button with a bright on/off LED display to let you know when your powered up, an easy unjam release trigger to help out when you get a ball stuck in the feed system, a 50k+ shot count on one set of three AA batteries, a short centered feedneck to allow the design to be truly 'low profile', the loaders lid is see through so you can keep track of how soon you will have to reload.

With dependable feed rate shot after shot this paintball loader will out feed any high end guns firing rate. The price tag is an acceptable $150ish for a hopper with this many features and feed rate. The value is further increased by the ability to swap out color kits and speed feed lids to adapt it to your new equipment and playing styles.

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