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Elite Headshield Single

elite headshield single paintbal mask

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Let's face it, head shots suck! The JT Elite Headshield Single Paintball Mask will save you from throwing out a string of swear words the next time you get gonged in the pumpkin buy a 300 feet per second paintball. Skull welts are brutal, yes - skull welts. Your standard paintball mask doesn't cover your big melon from taking abuse, the Headshield paintball mask will keep it covered and safe.

Ultimate head protection from the Elite Headshield Single

With a single-plane clear anti-fog lens(hence the "Single") and an optional chin strap, the Elite Headshield serves the most demanding player. It's a mask often classified as an entry level goggle but performs more like a mid range unit. JT is one of the most popular manufacturers in the paintball mask market and has been a trusted name for many years.

The rear helmet part of the mask is vented to keep you nice and cool during intense play and is adjustable to fit your head. Its innovative design is built to cradle your head and reduce pressure from paintball impacts. You have the option to remove the visor to fit different lighting conditions. The front of the mask is still held securely in place to your head with a typical goggle style strap.

Protect your head with a JT Elite Headshield Single Paintball Mask now.

Check out the Elite Headshield Single now.

Posted by Redwood

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