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Empire Urban Grind Pants

Question from Mark, Chicago Ill - I see you guys wear the Empire Urban Grind Grey and Night Black Pants. How did those work for your team in 06? Where can I still get a pair of those?

Mark, I didn't research it too hard but here's what we kinda know...

Empire makes great paintball apparel

Empire's grind paintball pants, also known as urban grind pants and jersey. One of the best crotch protecting pants available. The grind pants are know for their harness pad on the rear to secure your pack from sliding or bouncing around while running and sliding. That part worked real well. Although they are a 2006 model they are still widely searched for. Team Wolfpack wore Empire Urban Grinds in 2006. Both our Tournament teams and Scenario(paintball and airsoft) teams bought grey or black Grind pants and day/night jerseys. The Grinds have double stitched seams, padded knees and a "man pad" area, they're well vented, have 2 squeegee pockets and adjustable waist tabs. They have a great wrap around padding in the knee area and stretch panels.

From what I see in 07 Empire has no plans to bring the Grind pants back. Team Infamous wore the Grinds in 2006 also. We were hoping the Grinds would be available in 07. Empire now has the Contact SS series and the React SS models. I would imagine both of the new lines are an awesome addition to Empires apparel. I know they were going to build in slider pants to one of these models as a feature for 07. The prices for the new pants are a tad more than what you could get the Grinds for. We always wore the 06 Urban night black and grey versions.

I see here some Empire Grinds are still available on ebay. I would imagine they will not be available for very long. If I can find other places that still have them, I'll post links to it. Most of the major paintball retailers carry the 07 React SS and Contact SS pants now.

I'm sorry if some of this info is a bit off. I hope I answered any questions you had about these pants.

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Posted by Redwood on 01/29/07

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