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Empire Vents ZN

empire vents zn

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The all new 2009 Empire Vents ZN(ZeroNine) super slim paintball mask is designed around protecting you and keeping you in the game by bouncing balls instead of breaking them. The Ultra flexible rubber construction cushions the ball and changes the trajectory. Its' slim low profile gives a minimum target and is extremely stylish.

2009 Empire Vents ZN Paintball Mask System

The Empire Vents ZN mask is built to accommodate communication with a full venting system around the mouth area and work with the way you breathe. The core of this area is a reinforced mouth vent that protects your mouth and lips from direct paintball hits, yet is soft enough to bounce balls.

Breath is also managed in the Empire Vents ZN by moving it away from the goggles with a "De-mist Guide" to keep the lens from steaming up. The heat generated from your face and head is lifted away with side baffles to avoid trapping moisture and causing you problems. You'll find no cosmetic venting which keeps clean up to a minimum when you do get paint on the mask.

The Empire Vents ZN ear coverage is designed to allow maximum sound entrance yet keep your ears in a natural position and well protected. Your hearing will seem like your not even wearing the mask system. The goggle strap is fully adjustable and of the high quality that you've come to expect from Empire.

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Posted by Redwood

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