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Favorite Paintball Marker Under $200

modified project salvo

US Army Project Salvo: Price Check!

The US Army Project Salvo still remains one of our favorite scenario paintball markers. It’s very functional and allows us to upgrade it to new standards. The Tippmann Custom 98 platform is the Project Salvo’s base, and is a proven performer with decades of experience to build on.

The tactical rails on the Project Salvo provide enough room for any tactical accessories you’ve ever dreamed of. We’ve added everything from flashlights, lasers, bipods, and grenade launchers. All of which have plenty of space on the four sided shroud.

Although this marker shoots great out of the box, there are no shortage of internal and performance based upgrades you can do to it. These can be added over time as your budget or tastes allow.

One of our favorite upgrades for this marker is the Cyclone Feed system. It turns the marker's ordinary loader system into a high speed feed that doesn’t ever require batteries. This solid feed device, that was first introduced on the Tippmann A5, is a system that has upgrades of it’s own - from a low profile hopper, sniper tac-caps to keep your target signature minimal, and squishy paddles.

The selection of barrels has to be one of the most extensive available for any marker in this sport. Since it shares the threads of the Custom 98 it has an almost unlimited selection. That includes deadly sniper barrels, the Flatline that is capable of reaching further than any other barrel, and scenario options that give the marker the look of your favorite military weapon.

If we had one marker to recommend to someone in this price range, the US Army Project Salvo would definitely be at the top of our list. It’s a solid fun paintball blaster that can grow with your needs. The Tipppmann/US Army name is one that can be trusted, and this marker proves it.

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